Have a transformative experience by challenging yourself to venture outside the classroom and gain intercultural understanding 

The International Educational Programs of ADELA have made an innovative jump to a new stage through a program of Experiential Learning This program includes the multiple cultural activities such as Argentine family welcome dinner and other family activities, historical walking tour in the city, Cocurricular activities, weekend Trip (two nights), day excursions guest speakers, farewell activities, etc.   Students will have several debrief activities such as online forum debates, Instagram post, Facebook post, photograph competitions or a month reflection workshop to debrief about key cultural immersion topics and students in comes.


The extensive network of institutional connections of FLACSO-Argentina is a plus for our international students since it allows us to enrich the experience with an agenda of social and community participation. The activities are planned under specific objectives with the purpose of helping the students create a better and greater bond with the community as well as the possibility of making a significant contribution to the organization or community in particular. All these activities are accompanied by moments of reflection that allow students to understand the complex issues of the local society and culture and connect them to their own learning.


These actions are either long-term or one-time  and are ideal for all types of students regardless of their place of origin or native language. There are different options which include: housing surveys with NGOs, participation in the organization and classification of drug banks, socio-environmental surveys in conjunction with NGOs and State Organizations; support for the homeless or tutoring for elementary school students.

Custom Programs


Semester Program

This internship is a unique opportunity for international students, from the SEMESTER program, to interact with members of one of the most prestigious Human Rights Organizations in Argentina: The Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo Association (Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo). It was designed by both institutions, FLACSO Argentina and the Abuelas, with the aim of generating a learning environment for international students, which allows them to delve into the political, social and cultural processes experienced in the last military dictatorship in Argentina. At the same time students use their growing linguistic skills to make a significant contribution to the organization, by translating cases of grandchildren that were abducted by the dictatorship and are still missing and are being sought around the world. The internship thus becomes a space of historical-cultural as well as linguistic formation, centering on the reconstruction of collective memory, the validity of human rights, and social justice. The internship is carried out throughout the entire duration of the program and involves a schedule of biweekly meetings and the completion of specific tasks by students. It does not grant academic credits but it does provide a certification of participation in “Human Rights and Social Justice”.