Latin American Studies Area – ADELA

The Latin American Studies Area (ADELA) consists of several teaching and research programs, aimed at analyzing contemporary Latin American issues. Their main objectives are the provision of training for national and international students, the development of academic research and technical advice on regional matters, management of international education programs and the teaching of Spanish as a second language. ADELA responds to a growing national and international demand from a multidisciplinary and integrated perspective.

What we offer as the International Education Program (PEI)?

With 25 years of experience in the development and management of international education programs, PEI combines thematic and curricular diversity with high academic quality from an intercultural perspective, which is key to providing international students with an experience that allows them to develop skills and tools for their personal and professional future. All of our programs are interdisciplinary and comparative, aimed at international students, educators, and researchers who are interested in coming to Argentina to have an enriching academic and cultural experience.


Andrea Rizzotti

Andrea Rizzotti
Director and Program Developer

Favio Rizzotti

Favio Rizzotti
Cultural Affairs Coordinator

Vera Cerqueiras

Vera Cerqueiras
Language Coordinator

Sophia Pekowsky
Program Assistant

Strategic Local Associations and Partnerships

Through the extended Institutional Network of FLACSO, international students that come to Buenos Aires can interact with Argentine students in various components of the intercultural learning experience.
Some of our local partners are Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Universidad Católica Argentina, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Mendoza Province), Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (Chaco and Corrientes Provinces), Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos, (Entre Ríos Province) among others. 



To develop programs, we partner with ANALOGIC ABROAD, Chile; Blue Sage Global Education, USA and Cultura Abroad, Canada and we are a FORUM Abroad member.