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Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo
The International Educational Program of The Latin American Studies Department at FLACSO-Argentina and the Association of the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo are happy to announce New Edition of the “Human Rights, Social Justice, and Intercultural Learning Internship”

What is the Human Rights, Social Justice, and Intercultural Learning Internship?

It is a ten-week educational opportunity for students to collaborate with the internationally recognized human rights association the Abuelas (Grandmothers) de Plaza de Mayo. The internship combines components of service learning (meaningful reflections in action), volunteer work (direct interaction with the organization), and research practicum (pre professional training for social sciences). This program was launched in 2015 onsite, and will be offered online for the second time this spring. In this time of global uncertainty, we believe it is more important than ever to create programs that lead to intercultural understanding, transnational solidarity. The meetings, translation projects, and final exposition will all occur online through the FLACSO- Argentina Virtual Platform. To maximize students’ experience, we use a pedagogy of partnership composed of the Spanish professor, the academic coordinators, and the intercultural facilitators.

What do the students do? 

Students support the Abuelas’ work by translating information regarding the search for disappeared grandchildren, contribute to a bilingual glossary of terms used in the cases, and participate in meetings with representatives of the association where they learn about the history of human rights in Argentina. Along with their internship tasks, they participate in Spanish classes and intercultural activities to learn about the language and culture of Argentina. It is essential that students in this internship do not learn about the Abuelas’ work in a vacuum. but rather think critically about the relationship between Argentine history, human rights development, social justice and their own cultural backgrounds. The internship culminates in a final exposition in which the students present their work and learning reflections in creative formats such as poems, paintings, and drawings, which are compiled in a booklet.  

For Whom is this Internship ideal?

Students from different academic backgrounds & language heritage with interest in social and cultural studies such as Decolonial Studies, Latin American studies, human rights, social justice, memory, and women’s empowerment. The students should be Spanish-speakers with an intermediate-advanced Spanish level, interested in improving their language skills. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity for students to develop research and build professional networking for their future academic development.



Linguistic Excellence

The Spanish professor brings linguistic knowledge to the case translations by meeting with the student weekly to go over their translation tasks and introduce students to the Spanish of the Rio de la Plata use of language. The academic coordination individually monitors the student progress related to the whole experience and develops synchronic weekly meetings, forums activities, and reflecting debates. To promote Abuela’s work, students will use social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share their reflections and support the worldwide search for missing grandchildren.  

Intercultural Learning Initiative 

As part of our virtual internships, students will participate in the Intercultural Learning Initiative to virtually immersed students in the Rio de la Plata region’s local culture and language. This component consists of a range of online cultural activities such as virtual museum visits, virtual tours of the city, and master classes in tango, candombe drumming, and Argentine cooking. Students will also have the opportunity to interview cultural representatives of the Rio de la Plata region by participating in biweekly activities that will challenge them to reflect on and compare Argentine cultural experiences with their local setting to gain an intercultural perspective. Participation in the initiative provides students with the chance to receive the Adela-Study Abroad Intercultural Certificate.

Presence in Buenos Aires is subject to regulations of the Argentine National Government regarding the opening of borders in the context of COVID-19.

Support the Abuelas!

A percentage of the tuition expenses is donated to the Organization of the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo.


The internship was honored with the “Intercultural Achievement Award” awarded by the Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs of the Republic of Austria.

It is very important to know this history! I would recommend this to anyone because Las Abuelas are an incredible organization and they have created a practicum that teaches its students about the fight for human rights. Argentina has a fascinating history with this concept and a good model for other countries in my opinion. Many North Americans don’t know much about the global south, though it is a beautiful place and has an important history. Thank you Abuelas! It was wonderful!”


Juniata College, Fall 2020
Fall 2020

I learned SO much about the history of the last dictatorship in this pasantilla. I really appreciated how Irene and Andrea spent a lot of time answering our questions in class and curtailed course content to our academic interests.”


Oberlin College
Fall 2020

I would recommend this practicum to my classmates because it mixed translation, a practical skill with cultural learning and Spanish learning, which created a holistic experience and the professors and facilitators were amazing!”


L.F Oberlin College
Fall 2020

De español- “Lovely instructor and very well-rounded lessons”


Oberlin College
Fall 2020

I really enjoyed working on the FOROS. They were a great way to discuss with peers and ask any and all questions we could think of. “


Oberlin College
Fall 2020