Interculturality, Etnicity and Society in Argentina


This program will cover a range of topics related to the Argentine Indigenous peoples from an intercultural perspective. A general outlook on the history of the Indigenous peoples will encompass first their relationship with the Spanish conquerors and with the colonial power and later with the Argentine nation-state. Students will be presented with the major highlights of Indigenous history in various regions of the country and with contemporary issues. Students will be introduced into processes that comprise genocide, displacement and finally inclusion into the major society in subordinate terms. Also, they will be informed about the Indigenous peoples ‘contemporary’  living conditions in which certain advances in terms of legal rights established in the Constitutional Reform of 1994 like intercultural bilingual education coexist with conflicts over the land and the handling of environmental issues. This general outlook will highlight the cultural diversity of the Argentine Indigenous populations in terms of social organization, religious practices, languages, as well as regional differences in terms of past and present relationships with the dominant society. All these topics will be covered in class and with interviews to experts on the field and members of Indigenous communities. Tours and site visits will be combined to enrich the vision on all the topics covered.


      • GPA REQUIREMENT: No GPA requirements
      • ACADEMIC PREREQUISITE: No Academics requirements


Gender Studies, Queer Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Public Policy, Communication, Philosophy, Anthropology, History, Intercultural Studies, Social Communication, Leadership, Social Service, Latin American Studies.


    Interculturality, Ethnicity and Society – JTerm

   Survival Spanish – JTerm


  • Airport Transportation on the official program start and end dates
  • Academic Mentorship
  • Health, Safety and Living Orientation and Support
  • All visa information and advising provided: requirements, dates, costs (dependent on your country of origin)
  • Housing with host family including: one private room, one meal a day + breakfast, laundry once a week, wi-fi in the house and family integration.
  • 24/7 Emergency contact.
  • Staff guidance and communication

FLACSO Argentina has made an innovative jump to a new stage in international education through a program of Experiential Learning. This program includes the multiple cultural activities such as Argentine Family Welcome dinner and other family activities, Walking tour in the city, Cocurricular activities, Weekend Trip (two nights), Field Trip (a day), Guest Speakers, Farewell Activities, etc. The activities will be scheduled and organized depending on availability.

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