Aimed at international students who want a short term linguistic and cultural immersion experience, this program proposes an intensive curricular agenda of linguistic and cultural activities based on the needs of the students. The classes cover a variety of topics that include the combination of language and culture, academic skills in a second language, and conversation groups. The study materials used are specially designed for each level by the staff. This adds extra value to language courses.


Spanish, linguistics, modern languages, philology, cultural studies, social sciences, communication and social media.


In the Spanish in Action program, courses and workshops are organized according to the language  student needs, with an offering organized as follows:

The specific course offerings will be organized according to the students’ Spanish profiles to achieve the most accurate curricular development and the best use of academic experience. At all levels, class planning will develop inside and outside classroom activities. In this way, students will practice the content addressed in the course in a real setting. Spanish language learning in an immersion context reinforces the opportunity of living in the new language, interacting with host families, making local friends, and getting to know the city.








  • Airport Transportation on the official program start and end dates.

  • Academic Mentorship

  • Health, Safety and Living Orientation and Support

  • All visa information and advising provided: requirements, dates, costs (dependent on your country of origin)

  • Housing with host family including: one private room, one meal a day + breakfast, laundry once a week, wi-fi in the house and family integration.

  • 24/7 Emergency contact.

  • Staff guidance and communication

Experiential Learning

FLACSO Argentina has made an innovative jump to a new stage in international education through a program of Experiential Learning.This program includes the multiple cultural activities such as Argentine Family Welcome dinner and other family activities, Walking tour in the city, Cocucrricular activities, Weekend Trip (two nights), Field Trip (a day), Guest Speakers, Farewell Activities, etc. The activities will be scheduled and organized depending on availability.

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