This 8-week program allows students to delve into the history and development of the performing arts in Latin America through the comparative study of authors, works of art, and different forms of artistic expression. The Program components are developed through a specific seminar (3 credits) on the history and the theories of the performing arts. These topics are combined with a practicum (4 credits) that contextualizes the theoretical concepts with historical themes that generate an enriching learning experience. The Spanish class for artists (3 credits), is based on the linguistic performance of the students to help them to achieve the objectives of language proficiency, interpretation, and production of texts for the final performance.


Performing Arts, Latin American and Argentine Art, Anthropology, History of Art, Artistic production, Language and literature.




  • Airport Transportation on the official program start and end dates.

  • Academic Mentorship

  • Health, Safety and Living Orientation and Support

  • All visa information and advising provided: requirements, dates, costs (dependent on your country of origin)

  • Housing with host family including: one private room, one meal a day + breakfast, laundry once a week, wi-fi in the house and family integration.

  • 24/7 Emergency contact.

  • Staff guidance and communication

Experiential Learning

FLACSO Argentina has made an innovative jump to a new stage in international education through a program of Experiential Learning.This program includes the multiple cultural activities such as Argentine Family Welcome dinner and other family activities, Walking tour in the city, Cocucrricular activities, Weekend Trip (two nights), Field Trip (a day), Guest Speakers, Farewell Activities, etc. The activities will be scheduled and organized depending on availability.

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